One of my best friends loves Hamilton and cats. Her birthday party was coming up and I wanted to give her an extra special present because she somehow always manages to give me the most amazing presents. And so Hamilcat was born. I made a collection of Hamilton characters as cats and put them on 3X5 note cards to give to her. I used the notecards and  Artist Loft water based markers to make the drawings.
I first made Alexander Hamilcat.

Then Eliza Hamilcat.

And Aaron Purr.

And George Washingmew

And King George. I didn’t change his name because we already know a cat named King George, making the name already cat related.


And finally Angelica Schypur.

While making the card, I figure it would be good idea to get into the mood by listening to Hamilton. I had listened to it once before, but this time it really got to me. Now I’m constantly listening to it and when I’m not I’m singing it in my head. It really is great.

What are your favorite songs from Hamilton? Mine are Aaron Burr, Sir and Farmers Refuted. I’d love to know yours!

The Best Places to Read

The Best Places to Read

I can read almost anywhere, but there are a few special places the are perfect (or almost perfect) to read in. Here are my favorite places to read:

  1. My bed. This is my ideal spot to read when the weather is anywhere below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. I can burrow under the covers while I loose myself in a captivating story.
  2. The couch. In my house there’s a couch upstairs that is perfect for reading on. It seems to be the exact length for me to stretch out and read. The only downfall to it is that it is usually occupied by my brother, leaving me to retreat back to my bed.
  3. The library. The library in my town isn’t the quietest, but I still love to read there. It’s fun to sit on the chairs and ignore the world around me. The open atmosphere of the library is always welcoming to read in.
  4. My grandparents’ chair. Going to my grandparent’s house is always great because I can read in their chair. It’s one of those chairs that kind of resemble a basket or nest and is very fluffy. To add on the experience I can look out their giant window onto the pasture of cows that is below them.
  5. The car. This is a bit of an odd one because some people can’t read in the car. Of course, I don’t mean trying to drive and read at the same time (that would be stupid), but when someone else is in the car it is so relaxing to listen to music as we travel down the road.
  6. The morning. This last one is a time, not a place, but I feel like it deserves a spot on this list. I love to wake up an hour earlier than usual and read before anyone else in the house has gotten up. Reading in the morning always seems to wake me up and prepare me for a focused and productive day.

So where do you like to read? Can you relate to any on this list? I’d love too know!