Cruel Beauty Discussion 

Cruel Beauty Discussion 

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge is a Beauty and the Beast retelling. Because my favorite princess story is Beauty and the Beast, I absolutely had to read it. I was in no way disappointed by what I read. Cruel Beauty follows Nyx, a girl who has been bartered away to marry the man who killed her mother. She is sent to the castle with a mission to kill the Gentle One, the man she is marrying, and free her lands. In the castle, she realizes it will be much harder than she thought.

The book had characters that changed and grew as the story moved along. It was a beautiful thing to read. All characters weren’t perfect, and that was another beautiful piece added to the story. Each and every one of them had their flaws, but their flaws didn’t overpower their ability to do good (except for maybe Nyx’s father who is a completely horrible man). The plot line was interesting and held my attention throughout the entire book.

The following contains major spoilers so I suggest hiding in a corner and reading this book before you continue reading.

When the love triangle emerged, I was a little distressed. Nyx seemed to be perfect with both men presented! When Shade (a butler who is also a shadow) hurt Nyx, I figured that the love triangle was solved and Ignifex (the man that Nyx marries) would be the one she ends up with. Oh, was I wrong! Nowhere in my mind had I even considered the two men being to same person. I really enjoyed this surprise and how it was handled. In the end, it made perfect sense and all the loose ends were tied up.

Speaking of the end, that was another wonderful surprise! When I first started read that portion I was a little disappointed that it was all a dream. What’s the point of reading an entire book about a dream? Luckily, it wasn’t a dream at all. The world was entirely altered. It was amazing watching Nyx run out and find Lux. It was so sweet how they fought to be together even when the odds were against them.

When I finished the book and was talking to my friend about it (she hasn’t read it and probably never will but is such a good friend that she listens anyways), I had a realization. I had been ranting about how stupid the people were to trust the Gentle One’s bargains. They knew that no matter what, their deal would always come back to bite them. After a little bit of thinking on the subject, I figured that we aren’t much different. Satan is always tempting us with things that will only satisfy us for a moment while God has things that will last forever, but we still sometimes choose Satan.

So as you may have noticed, this was a pretty good book. What were your thought on it? Did you like how Shade and Ignifex were the same person? What do you think about my metaphor? I would love to know!

Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor

Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Laini Taylor

*kinda screams a lot* WHAT WAS THAT? IT WAS SO AWESOME! (Please don’t read any further if you haven’t read the first two) So. . . Where do I start? Dreams of Gods and Monsters follows Karou, Akiva, Eliza, and a few other minor characters on a journey to get rid of Jael. Not much more to say without spoiling.

When I first met Eliza I wasn’t scared, and that says a lot. When I meet new characters in the middle of a story I’m usually uneasy, but I connected with Eliza imeadiately. I think it was the fact that I didn’t know much about her, rather than knowing anything about her. Once I got comfortable with her I learned more about her.

I also loved how the book was paced. It moved fast, but not so fast that I got lost. It was perfect for understanding and analyzing along the whole way.

So overall I’d give it 90%, four stars, and say that you should really read this series.

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass

In Throne of Glass we follow an assassin named Cellaena Sardothien. She has been in the salt mines for a year when the crown prince visits her to ask her if she wants to be th king’s champion. She says yes because after for years of service, she’ll be free. When she gets to the castle, strange things start to happen. Now she isn’t just focusing on winning the competition, she is wondering if she’ll survive.

First of all, this took me by surprise.  The vibe from the back of the book had led me to think that it would be dark when it wasn’t at all. It turns out the Cellaena isn’t a dark, cold assassin, but a normal girl. Not that not being dark is a bad thing.

The entire book always had me on the edge wanting more. I could barely stop myself from reading to do real world stuff. I wouldn’t suggest picking it up if you don’t have time.

Although it was great, one thing bothered me. The love triangle. Now don’t get me wrong, love triangles aren’t bad, but they certainly are meh. I’ve only read a few books where love triangles work, and this was not one of them. Luckily, it was a background thing. Though it would’ve been okay for her to fall in love with Chaol (the guard) the part with Dorian (the prince) was unnecessary.

Over all I’d give it five stars, 85%, and say it was fun (I may have already started the second book). 

The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy

The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy


But seriously, this book was awesome.

TVPoSA (I’m not typing that whole title again) is set in Selwyn Academy after a reality tv show, called For Art’s Sake, moves in. Luke has decided that he doesn’t like FAS, so Ethan follows. As we read, they create poems against it, and have some crazy times.

My favorite part of TVPoSA was the humor. Every other page had a laugh and a choke (because I laughed too hard). If you’re looking for a fun read, I would suggest this one.

Five stars, 100% and totally awesome!