Winter by Marrisa Meyer Discussion 

Winter by Marrisa Meyer Discussion 

(This is a discussion for people who have already read the entire series. If you haven’t read the entire Lunar Chronicles, I suggest fleeing to a safe place and finishing them all.)

Winter is mostly about the entire crew that has come together throughout the Lunar Chronicles trying to put Cinder (aka Princess Selene) on the throne. While this would be good for stopping Queen Levana, I don’t think that Cinder was the best choice as ruler. I love Cinder, but she has almost no knowledge on what it’s like to rule a country, and definitely not Luna. Before I even started Winter, I knew that I wanted Winter to become queen instead of Cinder.

Now, I’m guessing you’re thinking something along the likes of “What? She’s crazy!” But I honestly believe that this was the better choice. Winter had a lot of experience around various rulers, even if they were tyrannical and slightly insane. She knew the land well and the people loved her. They even wrote songs on how beautiful she was! Cinder was a lost princess who was more of an idea than an actual leader. She had no memory of Luna as opposed to Winter who I’m 99% sure has never even left the moon.

There is the problem of Winter being insane. Having an emotionally unstable leader could possibly lead to Luna ending up as they were under Levana. While Winter’s kindness would hopefully overcome her insanity, we don’t know how her lunar sickness will progress. That’s where I remind you of the rumor that the Lunar’s powers will go away if the ruler isn’t of decent of the Blackburn family. I’m pretty sure that this was just a rumor, but it has never been proven wrong. That means that if Winter became queen, she may not even have lunar sickness anymore. This would solve not only her problem with lunar sickness but also the distrust between Earth and Luna.

I also understand the Winter never expresses the desire to be ruler, and I might remember that she says she doesn’t want to be ruler. (This is a faint memory and I can’t find where I might’ve seen this in the book because it’s a little over 800 pages to search through.  It would make sense, though, because she has been around terrible leaders her entire life and would probably be afraid of becoming them.) I don’t think that if Winter would become leader it would be by choice. Near the end of Winter, when Cinder almost dies, I saw how Winter could be put on the throne. The people of Luna would be left with Winter and love her so much that I don’t doubt she would be their first choice as leader. Winter could use Jacin to help her and I’m sure that he would care for her when she had doubts. 

If you still aren’t convinced that Winter should’ve been queen, think about how kind she was. Winter was constantly thinking of everyone around her, especially the ones who had much less than her. Ms.Meyer slightly hinted at Winter being a good queen when the children have Winter a crown. Winter accepted it gratefully and was nothing but kind to the kids. Winter was already loved by everyone and she loved all of them.

So what do you think? I believe that Winter should most definitely be the queen instead of Cinder, but maybe you can change what I think. Also, I haven’t read the stories that take place after Winter, so haven’t really Cinder in action much as queen. I am also not saying that Cinder would be a bad leader, she had many good attributes. I simply believe that Winter would’ve been a better queen.