One of my best friends loves Hamilton and cats. Her birthday party was coming up and I wanted to give her an extra special present because she somehow always manages to give me the most amazing presents. And so Hamilcat was born. I made a collection of Hamilton characters as cats and put them on 3X5 note cards to give to her. I used the notecards and  Artist Loft water based markers to make the drawings.
I first made Alexander Hamilcat.

Then Eliza Hamilcat.

And Aaron Purr.

And George Washingmew

And King George. I didn’t change his name because we already know a cat named King George, making the name already cat related.


And finally Angelica Schypur.

While making the card, I figure it would be good idea to get into the mood by listening to Hamilton. I had listened to it once before, but this time it really got to me. Now I’m constantly listening to it and when I’m not I’m singing it in my head. It really is great.

What are your favorite songs from Hamilton? Mine are Aaron Burr, Sir and Farmers Refuted. I’d love to know yours!